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93BlownSnake said:
btw... is that really a 10" wheel in the back? Is that still the factory GT/LX backspacing in the rear?
stanger maniac said:
sn95 brakes, cobra rotors, stock length axles(aerostar or ranger), north coast racer brackets

to make the 10s fit you need to go with stock length axles and go no larger than a 285/35 wheel. i went with 275/35s just because i didnt know how much clearance id have but now that i see how the wheels sit, i think id be able to squeeze a 285 in there. i also rolled the fender lips using that tool that mounts onto the hub. the quad shock was flipped over for the time being but willl be removed when i had some LCAs.
I'd say it has to be a 10" wheel just because it has a lip. Looks like a perfect fit to me. Cut of the fender lip and run 295s, but I image the clearance problem is then on the inside.
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