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Foxbody replacement headlights that don't fit like crap?

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Just bought a 6pc kit to freshen up the front of a friends fox. The fitment of the replacements is less than stellar. Is there any source for GOOD stock replacements that fit decent?

In addition to that question, we all know that most (all?) the aftermaket ones will yellow in short order. Are there any that actually last? Am I asking for too much? (Probably?) Are headlights just something one has to now buy annually to keep them looking decent?

Are there even different brand options at all? Or are all the vendors just selling the same white box from China?

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A company called TYC makes the best reproduction OEM style headlights. Expensive, but I've had mine for 7 years and they are still crystal clear with no leaks or fitment issues. Got them through Advance Auto.
Thanks Ben that gives me hope. LOL. I will check into them.
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