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Fox 351W Accessory Adaptor Bracket- Procharger

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Gaging interest on making some adaptor brackets to mount Foxbody driver's side accessories in their standard 302 location on a 351W.

Why would I do such a thing when Ford Motorsports already has a bracket available for a reasonable cost? Because when you use that bracket with a Procharger, the supercharger ends up inside the inner fender. Alternatively, the race-mount drops the S/C in place of the AC... but I live in Georgia and I like my AC.

Anyway, chime in if you'd be interested in buying one of these. The final price is likely going to be less than $250 and will include the mounting hardware for the head, AC compressor, and power steering pump. If there's any interest I'll procure some AFR heads, GT40 heads, and some E heads just to verify proper fitment.

Here's the adaptor bracket bolted to a RHS head on a 351W stroker. The plate starts as a 1" billet aluminum and is CNC machined with stand-offs pressed in. This is only the prototype, though it's functional. The final will have 2 large lightening holes.

The alternator is bolted to the plate, then the plate is bolted to the head.

The stand-offs are for the powersteering pump mount; the AC compressor receives 2 thin spacers

The completed assembly places the S/C in the same position as it would be on a 302. Keeping the accessories close could also be beneficial to turbocharger installs

I'll be putting a new bracket brace together, likely picking up on a longer bolt through the AC compressor. Regardless, the assembly is nice and solid with 1 additional attachment point on the head over the stock bracket.

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while at it can you make the idler that prochrager sells in their power steering relocation kit (sits above the water pump)...
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