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Fox 351W Accessory Adaptor Bracket- Procharger

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Gaging interest on making some adaptor brackets to mount Foxbody driver's side accessories in their standard 302 location on a 351W.

Why would I do such a thing when Ford Motorsports already has a bracket available for a reasonable cost? Because when you use that bracket with a Procharger, the supercharger ends up inside the inner fender. Alternatively, the race-mount drops the S/C in place of the AC... but I live in Georgia and I like my AC.

Anyway, chime in if you'd be interested in buying one of these. The final price is likely going to be less than $250 and will include the mounting hardware for the head, AC compressor, and power steering pump. If there's any interest I'll procure some AFR heads, GT40 heads, and some E heads just to verify proper fitment.

Here's the adaptor bracket bolted to a RHS head on a 351W stroker. The plate starts as a 1" billet aluminum and is CNC machined with stand-offs pressed in. This is only the prototype, though it's functional. The final will have 2 large lightening holes.

The alternator is bolted to the plate, then the plate is bolted to the head.

The stand-offs are for the powersteering pump mount; the AC compressor receives 2 thin spacers

The completed assembly places the S/C in the same position as it would be on a 302. Keeping the accessories close could also be beneficial to turbocharger installs

I'll be putting a new bracket brace together, likely picking up on a longer bolt through the AC compressor. Regardless, the assembly is nice and solid with 1 additional attachment point on the head over the stock bracket.

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Is this set up a replacement part for a renegade bracket? Keeping all driver side accessories in stock location? I would love to keep my AC. I would be in on this, if that's what it is. Here's a pic of my set up now.
YES- that is EXACTLY what this bracket is for.

I should also mention that the pics show a standard D1 in my 1992 Mustang on a stroked 351W with 1" down/ 1" back mount plates, convertible mounts, and RHS heads. I had to do a little clearancing on the inner fender so that it doesn't rub, but nothing was cut. All of those variables affect fit, but the plates are designed to compensate for the deck height difference between the 302 and the 351W and keep all of the drivers side accessories in the stock location using the stock accessory bracket.

Great looking motor, btw.
Would you still need to relocate p/a pump?
NO- That's the whole point. Use a standard Procharger 302 bracket set with this adaptor bracket and everything should bolt up to a 351W-based motor in a Fox chassis.
A standard procharger 302 bracket? You mean a renegade? I thought with a renegade you loose AC and Power steering pump, or relocate pump to passenger side. Will your set up accommodate a F1.

Are you referring to this bracket, this is a 302 with a D1
You're right- If you use a Renegade kit you CANNOT run AC/PS.

If you use this custom adaptor bracket with a set of Procharger 302 brackets (like the ones shown in your pic) you CAN run AC/PS without modification to the Procharger 302 kit.

I HAVE NOT verified fitment on anything other than a standard D1 (it's what I have handy), but if you have a complete kit from Procharger for a 302, that kit should fit on a 351W-based motor exactly the same with this custom adaptor bracket.

Pretty neat, huh?

I didn't receive enough interest to produce these; I only machined the one currently on my car. Also, I thought I was subscribed to this thread, but I somehow missed the new posts; sorry about that.

This adaptor is only for Procharger's Fox accessory set AC-mounted bracket. The Renegade bracket is its own thing and won't work at all with the AC in the stock location.

Anyway, I'm going to be out of pocket for a while and will re-address this when I get back to see if there's any more interest.
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