I didn't know how to merge threads, so I just created a new one that included both of my items that I have for sale.

$65.00 Shipped

As the title says, I have a Ford Motorsport Valve Cover Breather & 84-93 Upper Radiator Brackets.

I sold my other one and didn't even know I had this until a few days ago. I was pulling the plugs on my car recently installed and wanted to use this folding gapping tool I find more accurate than those circular ones which was in a tool box behind some models in the corner of my garage and on the bottom drawer I found this 2nd FMS valve cover breather.

I used to run 2 on my 2V New Edge so it has identical markings where I cut some of the rubber, but the circular section of the rubber to push in is intact.

I actually had the chrome radiator brackets underneath the UPR radiator cover I have on my Fox since the car came with black radiator brackets underneath the UPR cover and not too long ago I installed chrome radiator brackets. After looking at some pictures at some Fox bodies on forums/FB I noticed they had a similar brushed aluminum radiator cover like mine holding the radiator in place and I realized I was a dingus for not knowing I didn't need the upper radiator brackets and just needed the UPR cover to hold the radiator in place.

Anyways, i'm looking to sell both the FMS breather and the brackets for $65 shipped.

I think this is a very fair price considering the FMS breather can't be bought anymore and i'm just combining the price of the two threads, asking $40 for the breather, and $25 for the brackets. The chrome upper radiator brackets sell for $38.00 on LMR, so my total price is very fair.

$65.00 Shipped.

I do not accept PayPal/Venmo, so please do not tell me you'll take it, and then ask for my PayPal address. Every single for sale thread I list, I make sure to emphatically say I do not take PayPal/Venmo.

I do accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, CashApp, and Square. I understand some people are still stuck on PayPal because of the fact they can file a claim and receive their money back if the seller never ships the item, or sells an item that wasn't as described. If you want this same type of buyer protection, you can use Square. You don't need to download any app or have any account to use it. I would simply send you an invoice to your email address and you can pay the invoice via credit/debit card of your choosing. Also, if you have any issues with the shipment, you can file a claim and the money automatically gets sent back to you while Square allows me to provide a tracking number and any relevant information about the issue. If everything checks out for me, Square will contact the bank and refund me. If it doesn't check out, then the buyer gets to keep the money.

Out of using Square for 4 years for my small business, i've only had one person file a complaint and it was because the buyer was impatient. I told him the intake should take about 3 days to get to his place, and unfortunately it took about 8 days. He already filed the claim, but I told him the tracking updated and it was scheduled to arrive the next day (which it did), and he contacted Square and his bank to cancel the complaint, but still, we had to go through the motions of Square's review policy which takes 7-10 days. If you want to use Square, I ask you to add an additional 4% for processing fees they charge me. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and CashApp don't charge any fees, except minimal fees to withdraw to my bank account.