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My local Ford dealer retired and sold his Ford business to the local Lincoln dealer, and they are having a public auction Saturday June 18th to sell everything off.

The owner, Jim, is in there today and the next few days sorting stuff out, I bought some red boxes of 7.3L diesel speciality tools, 2002 7.3L service manuals and 1996 Mustang service manuals!!!! NICE!!

He's got hundreds of those red boxes of Ford/Rotunda speciality tools, lots of general tools, a couple 2-post lifts, jacks, Ford manuals back to the 70's or later, even a NGS and WDS scan tools!!! This is stuff me and people on this forum want.

I'm posting because the owner is a nice guy and I'd like to see him sell this stuff for a decent pricce. Although I should be selfish and not post this around so I could get more stuff cheaper, heh heh.

Anyway here's the address, if you're within a few hours drive, it'd be worth your time to show up.

Paternoster Ford Company
110 W Oak St Fairbury IL 61739

The auctioneer info is:
Edelman Auction Service.
Walter D. Edelman
Phone: 815-692-3365

I'm not sure if the auction will be at the shop or the auction house (just 4 blocks away). Time I'm guessing will be early AM starting.

He said the shop opened in 1935 and it just closed, so that's 75 years of Ford history for sale.

I took some pics of the piles of stuff... but I could only attach 5, so ...


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Wow wish I was still in Ill. Lucky! I'd love to have a 98GT/ alum. 4.6 engine Ford service Manual.
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