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Ford apple green top 42# injectors

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I would A) clean them There are numourous videos on you tube on how to clean them yourself
B) send them to someone who will clean them

They worked fine for a while, I recently dropped my tank and I many have got sand in it and clauged one of the injectors.

I have marked this injector that is clauged. The injector test fine @ 16 OHMS This tells me is just needs cleaned.

Yes I could clean them, but I was offered a BRAND NEW set of 60# injectors in which ill need with my new setup or else I would just clean them and run them myself.

Had these on my 95 Cobra EV1 connector style.

Ill let these got for 150.00 plus 3% paypal and 5 bux for shipping.
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pics up, I got these used. When I got them just for extra assurance (im kinda weird like that) I put new pintle cap and o rings on em. Like I said 1 injector wasnt firing, my car had a missfire. but the injector tested out at a good restistance. You can send these out to have them cleaned/flow matched.

Where are you in FL? I'm in St Augustine.

How do you know it's not working properly?
the injector is working, its just dirty. Just needs cleaned!!
so these injectors may not be dirty.... I had the same problem with my current injectors. My fuel injection harness is shorted out. So Damn good deal for someone!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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