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Forced Inductions billet s400 76mm ETR turbocharger with their 93mm turbine wheel in a T4 1.10 AR housing. V1 race cover. Turbine housing is ceramic coated black.

1 season old, no shaft play, smoke, knicks in the wheels, etc.

Went deep mid 8s at over 900rwhp with this unit in a 4.6 2v Mustang and never maxxed it out. Same turbo has been 7s with a Coyote behind it. I can show datalogs of it building 28psi in .4s, and using 140hp more fuel at the same boost level as my old Precision 7675 if interested. Imo this is the baddest T4 turbo money can buy.

$1250 shipped to your door.


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