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Price Drop $7000 OBO

For Sale or Trade (in Raleigh NC)
1990 Procharged Mustang GT 95% complete with with Tune from PAS

Willing to trade for a decent 5spd fox and maybe some cash depending on the condition.

I have about $20K in the car including the purchase price of the car.

Only pics i have right now are with different wheels, i will get more pics of the car tomorrow and upload them.

Call me with any questions or offers (919) 422-3831 Stephen

All trades will be looked at but if it is not RWD or AWD and doesn’t have 300hp then I probably won’t go for it but you can try, let’s see what you got.

I am selling the car because I am losing my house and with it my shop and everything in it . The economy finally caught up with me and #### happens I guess. So now I have to sell everything and get an apartment or something and I need a more practical DD until I get back on my feet. I have been working on this car off and on for 5 years and now my loss is your gain, unfortunately.

The good:

Painted Dark Shadow Grey about 4 years ago.
90% of the paint is in great condition, few nicks and blemishes (mostly where some F_ing ####### stole my ####!)

Drivetrain & Exterior

New AOD built by Apex Transmissions (Danny Safon built it for me personally)
New reman 302ci with triple spring OEM Heads with stock cam installed 2 weeks ago along with trans
Custom painted cobra R intake (painted by AAS)
Mac shorty headers
Pro-chamber H-Pipe
Flow master 3 chambers with dumps
Procharger P600B Polished (also known as P1SC) Made 9psi with the old pulley setup with zero loss through the cooler (put down around 300hp with the old engine)
All 3” piping
(Just changed the pulleys from COG to 6 rib, just need to get the belt for it)
28x12x4 Cross-flow Intercooler 3” In/Out
2004 SVT Cobra brakes front and rear (used F150 Power booster instead of the fox crap so brakes work like a dream, as they should)
Car is lowered, bought it that way so not sure what springs
It has 99 cobra wheels on it right now
All wiring is hidden and the fender wells are mostly smoothed (this was also done when I bought it)
Griffin single pass 1.25” High performance Radiator w/ PS cooler also with (4) 9” SPAL Fans setup in a 2 stage configuration, I paid almost $1000 for the setup from Griffin at my cost which is MWD!
(first stage works during standard operation and the second stage turns on when you start driving it hard and the temps get into the 200-205 range. 2 of the fans can be adjusted to whatever temp you want, they others are set at standard temp since it is a standard fan control relay.)
Have a like new set of OEM 03-04 Cobra Wheels (not installed yet
Procharger Mondo BOV
42lb motorsport injectors (bought new) (uninstalled to get the new motor broke in)
PMAS MAF 3” Bullet (uninstalled to get the new motor broke in)
SCT Chip Tuned by Chris at PAS (uninstalled to get the new motor broke in)
AEROMOTIVE Fuel Pressure Regulator
MSD BTM with control unit
-6AN Braided Lines throughout with -8AN from the pump
AEROMOTIVE A1000 Fuel Pump with Billet Filter (Purchased new from Mayhem)
Sumped Fuel Tank (TIG Welded)
Battery in rear
SPAL 7” fan with trans-cooler mounted under the rear bumper
BOSS brand Wide Cobra R double hump 3” cowl hood with dual vent cowl panel (stock looks better but I hate cleaning out leaves so I went with one that was mostly closed)
New wiper motor
Custom made A/C lines (except the rubber one on the driver side) so that the lines are mostly hidden (they were all made by AMAZON Hose out of FL)
New A/C compressor and Clutch
Newer DIST (installed when I got it about 10 years ago, it was new then)
New Balancer
New Pulleys
New Belt tensioner (pulley is OEM since the one that came on the new arm was noisy)
Custom braided PS lines (car used to have a 67mm Kooks turbo kit so the lines kept melting, thus the braided lines.
New headlights and fog lights
New 86 tail lights (whole assembly not just the lenses) they were stored in a box since 87 (the guy bought the 87s for his 86, guess people were just as nuts about modding then as they are now! Lol) and I bought them 2 years ago

Blk interior with sport tweed seats with custom headliner and sun visors had most of it done by auto tops and interiors many years ago.
(6)- Glow-shift tinted gauges (hidden when off)
A/F, Boost/EGT, Oil Pressure, Trans Temp, Oil Temp, Water Temp
All speakers replaced with aftermarket speakers
Car has remote start and an alarm but I think the key FOBs are dead and that is why it is not working at the moment.
New weather stripping all around
Has aftermarket sun roof (installed professionally)
All new handles & locks
New door strikers
New bushings
New door lock actuators
New window motors and new pass side glass
New window guide stripping
New outside door trim

Extras it comes with:

Steeda sub frame connectors
2003 OEM cobra wheels in very good condition (car has brand new tires that just need to be swapped)
Motorsport 4:30 gears

The Bad:

It needs some inner fenders to protect the wires (never drove it in the rain so didn’t need them)
I put the wrong set of 19lb injectors in it (the ones I normally use as port plugs) and it started enough to time it but then they failed. I have the correct set to put it in to break in the motor, just don’t have the time or a place to do it.

This car was beautiful on the inside with custom stereo & rear seat delete, until, some ass-hole decided to steal everything and snap the custom gauge/stereo/a/c panel.

I have since purchased everything to replace all of the stereo components but I have not finished installing them.
I also purchased a new stereo panel that also has 4 switches for additional components that may need to be installed later.


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