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Selling my Ford Sportsman 351w block b/c I do not want to spend the time/money to deal with it. The block is great other than the #7 cylinder is sleeved and it needs to be sealed. When n/a, it was fine but under boost, the cylinder pressures would pressurize the coolant system, causing the catch can to overflow.

The machine shop (Jeff @ Westside Performance & Machine here in Houston) pressure tested it and said it leaked at ~40psi (which normal coolant systems never see).

They gave me a few options:
A) The sleeve can be replaced/resealed
B) The block can be filled with a sealant and cured
C) Hardblock it!

After thinking for 2 years that I had a head-gasket leaking, haha, I decided I didn't want to deal with the hassle so I just bought another block.

The block is in good shape and is standard bore. If I remember correctly, the shop said the cylinders would clean up with a hone (not many miles on the block). I KNOW it'll clean up wth a .010 bore.

It's still up at Westside Performance if anyone local wants to look at it before I have a chance to get it. I should have time to pick it up next week. If it hasn't sold by then, I'll get pictures then. Old-timers here and on the local forums will vouch for me as a straight-up seller.

Letting this thing go for a STEAL... Asking $120 + shipping (prefer local pickup). These things sell for $500+ so by the time you get the sleeve fixed, you'll have a sportsman block for a little over half the normal used price, and this one hasn't been bored yet!
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