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Hey everyone, I am making the leap to the Holley Terminator computer set up. With that being said, I am going to sell my original 1993 A9L computer (manual) and SCT chip once the Holley computer is installed and running. Really just wanting to see what it is worth to sell. I have used this custom tune on two different engine set ups in my car and it is right where it needs to be air/fuel wise for both. The first was 5 pounds of boost, X cam, AFR heads, trick flow intake. The second was 10 pounds of boost with comp cam blower cam, same heads and intake. The chip was custom tuned for the first set up but still landed me right where I needed to be for the second as well. Should do well for someone with a similar set up.

Will probably list the whole set up for around $700-$800 OBO. Custom tune was done at LSXKilr in Kansas City. Really good tune that was more flexible than I would have guessed at first considering how much my setup has changed. Custom tune includes aggressive tune, highway tune, valet tune (won’t rev a over 3k) and then the other slots are just a killswitch. Again, computer is still in the car in perfect shape. Would be willing to sell the harnesses as well if interested.

Call/text for any questions 816-977-5047
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