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I have a 12" elemental Designs SP for sale..The sub is a Dual 2-ohm woofer, sub has exceptional SPL **Sound Pressure Levels** output and stay quite clean even at high powered and large ported applications. The sub is about a year old, only been used ONCE and stayed shelted in-doors during the time span of no use. The sub is in EXCELLENT working order all mechanical and electronical featurs are in good working order..The spyders, cone, Piston **Pole Piece** and voice coil connectors are all brand new..The sub has N E V E R been refurbished, which means it was broken and sent off to get fixed..I have several pictures of the sub if u would like to see, cant post themo nthe forums for some reason..My asking price is $130 which is negotiable..

Power Range:
300-600 for daily applications

800-200 for competition...Sub is capable of sustaining a lot of power without dampening its ability to maintain good working order/hz levels..

Box applications:
Ported: 2-4+ft3 ported to slightly high frequencies depending on cars resonant freqency

Sealed: 1.5-3ft3 to show its SPL and Sound Quality capabilities

E-mail me at [email protected] which is also my AIM name

P.s- If u need anymore information dont hesitate to ask!
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