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Flowmasters & X-pipe...good or bad?

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I have heard many stories about not mixing the Flows with X-pipes.

Can anyone chime in here with their own experience?

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X pipes flow a little better in the upper R's.

H pipes make a little better torque down low.

Flow masters sound real nice and flow ok.

Unless its only about the sound there are better flowing mufflers then flowmasters.. They are okay but I would not buy them..
I already have the Flowmaster 2 1/2 inch 2-chamber cat-back on the, I will be sticking with that since it's only a couple of months old.

I also have an h-pipe waiting to go on, but was wondering if the x-pipe would do me better.

The reason I was asking about the x-pipe was because I heard they don't work as well with chambered mufflers...I dunno.:confused:

'86 notch
Good. I have no problems with the sound or performance of my Flowmaster and Dr. Gas combination. Sounds wicked, but I'd like to hear the so called "better" straight through combo with another muffler.

I can tell you a straight line performance muffler with an x pipe will sound deeper flow better and run soooo much quieter~~
I like nc85 have Dr. Gas w/flowmasters and it sounds awesome. I personally don't have tailpipes and I have long tubes.

I actually had the same setup with a hpipe and my x sounds louder. It has a lot higher pitch than before.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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