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$800- This was $1065 from Florida 5.0, only selling because I’m going Holley efi.

All gauges are sport comp.
(1) 3 3/8" Electric Programmable 160 mph speedometer
(6) 2 1/16" gauges (3)Full Sweep and (3) Short Sweep
Fuel Level- short sweep (will work with your factory Ford sender)
Voltmeter- short sweep (8-18 volts)
Trans Temp.- short sweep (100-250 degrees)
Fuel Pressure- full sweep (0-15 psi, electric)
Oil Pressure- full sweep (0-100 psi, mechanical)
Nitrous Pressure- full sweep (0-2000 psi, mechanical)

It will come with the turn signal, hi-beam and check engine lights.

Additionally I have 3 more gauges I used in the car for sale.

Sport comp 5 inch tachometer, $290 new- $220

Aeroforce interceptor, $250 new- $190

AEM FAIL SAFE wideband. Monitors boost pressure and AFR and can be programmed to shut the engine off in the event of over boost, lean out, or running to rich. Can be configured to display lambda, afr, boost pressure, bought a few months ago, $320 new- $275


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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