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Hey Everyone haven't posted here in a while. Got the car done at the end of last year. Got 8 passes on it and broke the forward drum in the c4. Over the winter I switched to a glide. Finally got to test the car last weekend. Off the trailer it went 7.22 with a very low launch setting. 2000 rpm. Made another pass. Then turned the launch up to 3000 rpm went [email protected] made two more passes loaded up.

Stock short block 302 (freshened) and arp rod bolts installed.
TFS 170 heads
E cam
Victor Jr
650 Wes may alcohol carb
9.27:1 comp

Transmission is from Coan
1.76 power glide
Ptc 8" converter, did not check what it flashed to converter was actually behind another combo I'm just borrowing for the season.
4.10 gears
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