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Well I finally made my first true street event ever with a car i've only had down the track twice. I must say, it was a blast at Norwalk July 12, weather was perfect. I trailored my car from N.W. Ohio, rented a Budget truck and trailor ($$$$) to Norwalk. The cruise was fun, lotsa looks from the locals. Then the race. I must say too much waiting, starting and stopping. But of course can't avoid it with well over 100 participants. Well any way, engine temp was running close to 200 F, so I cut then engine a couple times while waiting in line thinking it might stay cooler. Bad move, as the engine got hotter... because water was not circlulating. I was about 4 cars from the burnout box, and I restarted my engine, for some reason it did not want to idle, so I kept reving it to keep it running. I was 1 car from the burnout box when the computer finaly found itself. I did an excellent burnout with the brand new Auburn posi that was put it 3 days before. I staged and launched, car hooked hard with a 1.7 60 foot. Then my lack of experience killed me, I completely missed 3rd gear. It took me a good 1 1/2 secs to find it, by then it was over....14.01 at 98. I actually bowed out of run two. With the car running hot and idle problem, I was afraid of blowing something. I did not even use my 150 HP nitrous system, as apparent leakdown from the notrous solenoid was causing the idle to run a 1800 RPM. The kit was buttoned up only a week before and was not able to test before Norwalk. All in all, it was a blast. Lotsa cool cars and racers. I regret not taking my second run, but I think I am going to try to get to Cordova in September :) Any onle else out there have a good story to tell, let us know it.

1990 Vermillion red GT, 347 (all forged), Ultradyne Cam, GT-40 Intake, Twisted Wedge Heads, fully ported, 30# injects, 70mmTB, 75MM MAF, Headers,H pipe, Bullets, Dumps, Tremec TKO, Centerforce DF clutch, 190 LPH in tank FP, T-rex external FP, Subframes, Alum D.S., Moser axles, Auburn posi, Lakewood shocks/struts, Eibach drag launch kit, SSM lift bars, MT 26X11 1/2 ET streets, much more.
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