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i was wonderig if i could upgrade my MAF to an 80mm and my fuel injectors to 24#s for now

i have a BBK CAI and BBK 75mmTB.
i ordered some P&P heads along with cams. they should be on the way soon.

the engine is a 2002 GT and it has already been swapped into my 97 V6. they are working on the computer and electrical stuff right now. so my car should be out soon. i have a lighting 80mm MAF already and i was wondering if it would be alright to put some 24# injectors in for now without the heads or should i wait for the heads ti be installed in about a month after i run my car for a while to make sure all the bugs are worked out after the swap is complete
I am ordering a ford chip tomorrow so i was wondering if the 24s will work for right now if that way i can have them programed into the chip what size injectors i will be running.
do you think this will be to much air and fuel for the car.
i am also running with BBK LT headers and O/R H-Pipe.
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