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I don't even know where to begin. I don't even want to sell but I'm trying to force myself, to get out of this never, ending money pit lol.

*Price is Negotiable, all serious offers will be entertained* asking $18k for everything!! Comes with lot's of spare parts. Got over 40k into this car...

Don't be scared to offer, worst I can say is no.

I will take cash+++ trades such as guns, trucks,buggy's, and atv's. No junk please. I have a CWP for guns. Let me know what you have. Contact info is on bottom of page.

Thanks for looking have a good day!!!

Well it's a mustang 89/90 split year, gt convertible, which I made into a roadster. I removed the top, windows, and everything. I built a custom deck for that back, it's one of a kind fox body.

Car weight, full interior, with driver and full tank of gas it weighs 3100lbs.

Less then 2,000 miles on everything. Car is garaged kept always and sometimes driven once a week

Car is completely re-wired and all wires are hidden in fenders so engine bay looks clean.

0 short-cuts were taken on this build over the years

Body-$3500 for roller rims alone are $2000.00...

1. Original 8 cylinder body with clean title
2. 3 inch black custom hood with cut-out for air-filter
3. Paint is 6 out of 10
4. Car is straight, never been hit
5. Needs some body work and paint is dark purple with blue metallic flake
6.) Engine Bay is Fully Linexed Metallic Silver
7.) Bogart Wheels all Aluminium polished 15X10.5 rear 5-lug and front is 15X3.5 front 4-lug--- Back tires are M/T 315/50's
8.) Stock headlights and taillights

Alright the engine, I don't have every single little spec on this motor. Long story short I bought as
A complete shortblock from a friend, who's a pro mod racer, and he got
From his old buddy who's no longer here.

Ronnie Wilson built the motor though, he said to call him if you need any more specs!! All the parts are listed are what I know for sure, and what owner told me.

Engine-----13k for motor complete with extra intake($1500 value) or $15k complete with standalone, with Asus (brand new laptop), and 2 widebands!! Similar setups are going for $20k+

Runs on e85 or c16 I have tunes for both, motor is at 14.5.1 compression right now. I have driven this motor on 100 mile trips Doesn't go over 185 degree's. It's completely street worthy and I can prove to serious buyers!

1.) Ford SVO-R 351w 9.5 deck based block- bored .0413 over made into a 360 all billet mains, balanced and blue printed at neutral(0), and o-ringed, with glass finish
2.) Sonny Bryant custom billet crank 4340 **Special**for extra thing's done call Ronnie Wilson please
3.) corilla billet rods 4340 h beam coated
4.)JE custom gas ported pistons Inverted dome Nitrous pistons-with coating
5.) Plasma cut rings
6.) 8 quart Canton race oil pan with windage tray-with pick-up
7.) danny bee belt drive
8.) Completely Custom Solid roller billet hard-core nitrous cam .788 intake .767 exhaust /duration etc unknown
9.) All brass freeze plugs
10.) ATI neutral balancer
11.) Custom Fully ported Trick TFS R Hi-ports 255's, titanium valves, titanium triple shimmed, titanium triple springs, etc. these heads were port matched to the super victor (carb) intake by Wilson Manifold
12.) Crower solid 1.6 rockers
13.) Super link bar crower lifters
14.) Arp 1/2 head studs
15.) comectic copper gaskets .23 thickness
16.) meizere red anodized electric water pump
17.) meizere red anodized water elbow
18.) Comes with 2 Super Victor intakes!!! First is the 351w super victor carb version fully port matched to heads it was decked, drilled, tapped, milled, and hot tanked, and also already drilled and tapped with a direct port fogger kit, The 2nd super victor intake is EFI and its decked, drilled, tapped, and milled, with slight porting.
19.) ARP custom length pushrods
20.) Canfield custom aluminium tall deck valve covers with oil filling caps, and dual catch can feeds, push-lock
21.) 130m FM bearings
22.) oil filter relocation
23.) 95lb hi-imp bosch injectors @44psi increase psi increases injector size
24.) edelbrock aluminium fuel rails, all black trick flow fittings
25.) arp stainless steel bolts
26.) Custom Billet TBI throttle body flows 1672cfm! Throttle body can be used at MPI injection, or TBI injection if you un-do the injector holes-- I temp capped them.
27.) Custom 2 inch aluminium spacer with intake temp built it, and vacuum fitting
28.) Custom 3 inch TBI Alum Spacer for Air-filter
29.) Full set of March Aluminium peformance pulleys
30.) 140 amp power master Chrome Alternator---with custom made tensioner bracket
31.) No AC/ Manual Steering
32.) Battery relocation--- all 2 gauge wires
33.) Hooker Super Comp Ceramic Coated Silver 1 3/4 long tube headers, with stainless steal chambered flow master exhaust---true duals no x or h pipe

I'm sure I forgot a bunch of thing's

Oil changes done every 200 miles, and I run 20-50w Valvoline Racing oil

Tranny- Fully Built c4 ----$2200 complete with everything!!! Similiar built c4 trannys alone go for 2k.

1.) forged input shaft
2.) kevlar red clutches
3.) billet servo
4.) forged output shaft
5.) braided dipstick
6.) deep pan
7.) all new seals
8.) FTI full manual reverse Valve body
9.) Cheetah turbo action black shifter
10.) FTI Billet converter 3800-4100 stall
11.) Big B&M transcooler, with all braided lines and blue/red anodized fittings
12.) 0 balance flexplate also fits powerglides TCI---SFI approved rated to over 2000hp
13.) ARP flexplate bolts
14.) Eutherane tranny mount
15.) ford racing aluminium drive shaft

Fuel System---$1200 with everything

1. Stock tank with built in sump
2.) All Braided lines 6an feed
3.) 8an return line
4.) A1000 pump
5.) aermotive fuel filter
6.) Edelbrock aluminium fuel rails with 6an and 8an fittings
7.) Adjustable Black Trickflow by Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator With fuel gauge
8.) fuel pressure gauge
9.) fuel connector pro flow block fitting with fuel gauge

10.)95lb hi imp pro flow bosch injectors with wiring adpater's (injectors can be increased size with fuel pressure change) Usually $900.00 to door.

Rear end-$500
1.) 8.8 rear-end
2.) 31 spline mosers
3.) 5 lug disc breaks
4.) ford racing differential
5.) ford racing 3.73's gears

Suspension-Price depends on what you get feel free
To ask ranges from $1500 complete or can break down

1.) UPR Upper and Lower control arms
2.) UPR complete K-member kit with tow hooks
4. )UPR Complete Front coil over kit complete with springs
5.) Lakewood struts 90/10's in front
6.) Rear shocks are lakewood 50/50's
7.) Solid 2 inch drop down motor mounts
8.) Full Manual Flamming river rack&pinion with extra flamming river tie-rod ends
9.) Air bag suspension in springs

Interior- $50-$1000
1. All Black interior
2. Autometer Monster Tachometer
3. Auto Meter boost/vacuum gauge
4. Auto Meter Voltage Gauge
5.) Auto meter Oil gauge
6.) lc-1 blue anodized Digital Wide-band gauge
7.) Custom back panel made wrapped in black waterproof carpet where convertible top use to be
8.) Rear Black Leather seat
9.) Matching pair of Black&Blue Bucket Racing seats for front
10.) 2 Matching 5 point quick release harnesses
11.) Waterpump Toggle Switch
12.) Electric fan toggle switch

Cooling- $750 for everything
1. Black Magic Xtreme Electric Fan
2. Aluminum Radiator Griffin biggest they make quad-core
3.) Electric meizere water pump-red

Ignition System---$1600 for everything!!

1.) Megasquirt Standlone Computer system ms2 complete with everything and comes with laptop with my custom motor tunes already on it for MPI and TBI injection. Also has some 70mm turbo tunes on it. Comes with 2 widebands, digital gauge built into dashboard, and one on laptop. Has built in nitrous controller, boost controller, etc you can do everything!
2.) Or your choice of msd or 6al Kenne-Belle Boost-a-spark ignition box- with adjustable spark increase-also boost activated as well or can be by-passed
3.) MSD blaster coil
4.) MSD 10mm spark plug wires
5.) NGK-R-8's gapped @30 currently
6.) MSD pro billet Distributor

Misc Stuff---$500

1.) NX nitrous express complete nitrous Wet kit solenoids rated to 300+
2.) 4 10lb nitrous bottles with hi-flow valves---2 are full
3.) nitrous gauge
4.) nitrous bottle heater
5.) Nitrous Bottle brackets

Entertaining All offers--- I prefer to sell as complete package since everything is custom fit, but will part out if I find buyer's for the drive-train

I have data-logs and street-videos. I never personally dynoed this motor. It pulls well over 8,000rpms with ease.

Will take cash+++ trades such as guns, trucks, atv's, buggy. Please no junk. Thanks

God Bless America and No-where Else!!:salute:

Feel free to pm me or text or email me offers

[email protected]
cell phone---561-762-1404

Any questions Feel free to ask!!!

I have engine build pictures, tuning pictures, everything! Serious buyer's will get previous owner's track times. You can call and talk to him also if you must.


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Pms all replied too. Guys I am not breaking anything apart, until I have buyers for motor, and tranny first. Then I will sell everything else. Thanks

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Bump I'll sell it all for $16k firm or part it out and get 19k+. Just saves me a headache of stripping it apart. Let me know I'll start stripping it apart in a few days If no interest thanks.

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Pay me 2500 and I'll strip it for you

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I was digging it..until I saw the compression. LOL.

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Believe it or not I drive that thing on the street do 10 passes back to back drive to publix and it never hits over 185 degrees. Also it's alrdy completely stripped. Just got rear-end left to do whenever someone buys.

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Believe it or not I drive that thing on the street do 10 passes back to back drive to publix and it never hits over 185 degrees. Also it's alrdy completely stripped. Just got rear-end left to do whenever someone buys.
They don't sell E85 down here. It has put the kaibosh on many a car already.

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