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Hoping somebody can give me some insight on an issue. I'm looking for a stock torque converter. What i want is to know which factory vehicle came with the highest rpm stall with an aod trans. For example, over in the Chevy world of LS1's where I'm used to residing, you can pick up a converter for a stock Camaro that stalls at a weak 1700-1800 rpm. or you can get a factory converter out of a 6 cylinder trailblazer that is physically the same dimensions and used the same transmission, but will stall closer to 2800 rpm.

Are there any factory vehicles that got a higher stall than say my 1990 fox with a 5.0 and aod?

Thanks for any info!

P.s. I want to stick with a factory converter because I can get a factory converter from a buddy at a transmission supply house for like 75-100 bucks rather than 250-800 for an aftermarket.
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