Alrighty guys... How's everyone doing this morning?

I've been in the Sleeper/F.A.S.T. drags world for the last 15+ years. I've currently got 4 clients that I'm buiilding 5 cars for. (3 fox bodies, 1 1970 torino cobra, and 1 voodoo-powered bmw z3 m-coupe.. truly a cool-butted car!)

I'm running far behind schedule on a couple of the cars.. so I need to cut some corners. I normally do all my own port work, but each head takes around 90 minutes per intake port, and 30 minutes per exhaust. For about 16 hours per set, not counting valve grinds, setting spring heights, surfacing, cleaning, polishing the CC's and exhaust ports. For a total about 24 hours per set of heads. I just don't have that sort of time right now.. at 5 hours a day, that's a weeks worth of work.

So... Here's what I'm looking for (any of the following)

1)Any factory cast-iron SBF heads
--289/302 heads of the 1960s.
--351w heads of 69-70s.
--gt40's or gt40p's.
--gt40x's (as long as they are cast iron)

2)must be Expertly Ported (not just pocket ported by your local guy). I'm talking about people like Thumper and TMoss skill levels. (I need, at a minimum.. 225/165cfm, but would prefer closer to 240cfm+ to match the TMOSS intakes.)

3)CNC porting preferred if possible.

4)oversize valves of any size are fine.

5)milling is acceptable as long as it's minimal and doesn't require any alignment with the intake.


My ideal head the factory E7TE, CNC ported by RCS. I've had 2 sets of them in the past and it's hands down the best "factory" head in existence.

They flow better than Edelbrock E-Streets, Performer and RPM, Trick Flow Twisted Wedge, and AFR 165's. And through just 143cc intake runners! Compared to 170-180's on the others. So excellent velocity and low end torque, with great upper end breathability and power.

-250cfm on the intake at .600", golfball dimpled intake runners.
-190-195cfm on the exhaust at .600"
-1.90/1.55" valves. (255+ w/1.94's, >200cfm with 1.60 exhaust)
-cnc machined/polished combustion chambers.

RCS Still makes them, but the price is astronomical at this point. $2200 per set. The guy told me that they destroy the cutters after just a set or two.


My budget for a set that are Bolton ready -- $1400 shipped.

Now, do me a favor. Keep your snide comments to yourself. No one cares that you think I should use aluminum heads. Or that I'm wasting my money. Or that your peepee is bigger.

This is a build for a customer with specific asks and requirements. If I could use aluminum heads, I would.

Plus, it's sorta cool to watch an e7 headed fox body without any power adders, dip into the ultra-low 11's, while being a 100% daily driver and also maintaining a largely stock idle quality. Even breathing throught the factory "slinky" plastic intake piping, airbox, and "stock" MAF and TB.

So.. can anyone help me out here?