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Mustang Owners-
I just opened an auction for a Trick Flow Track Heat Intake Manifold and set a fairly low initial bid. I would really like to keep it around the Indianapolis area as I think shipping it would be painful. Please take a look and bid should you think your car needs it.

Trick Flow Track Heat Intake Manifold for Ford 5.0L - eBay (item 330536197557 end time Mar-06-11 11:55:03 PST)

I have quite a few other parts that have also been removed from this older car [87 Mustang] that are not ideal to shipping as they are heavy or not real easy to fit in a box. If you might be interested in something let me know. These parts include:
• Replacement headlight assembly with corner lights and inside light: One of the corners has been cracked, but the rest are in good shape.
• BBK Longtube Headers – A little rusty from age and sitting around for three years.
• BBK H pipe – No cats. A little rusty.
• FMS M-6009-B50 with engine stand and matching oil pan. The engine has been sitting around for three years so there is a little rust, but nothing I would consider damaging.
• 24 lb/hr injectors
• Well seasoned original 1987 stock 302 block with considerable mileage
• FMS aluminum driveshaft
• Driveshaft loop for Fox body Mustang
• FMS flywheel – a little rust outside where the pressure plate attaches
• SPEC stage 2 clutch and pressure plate.
• Under-drive pulley set
• 2 EECs – one for MAF [93 and chipped for 24 lb/hr] and other speed density.
• MAC pro dumps
• Tokico 5 way struts and shocks
• BBK Clutch adjuster
• Kenny Brown sub-frame connectors – have to figure out a way to get them free though
• Weld rims
• Stock 1987 rims
• Rear disk brakes
• Generic Summit racing seat
• A lot of OEM type things

Just email me at [email protected] if you might have any questions or need specifics on something
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