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F/S 97 Cobra

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I'm selling my car. It is white with 99 cobra rims. 67K miles. It is a beautiful car and i get compliments on the looks and sound all the time. It has all the mods in my sig plus a $325 chip i just bought and brand new Nitto 555's on the rear. All black leather interior in perfect condition.

I owe 12,900, so i need something close to that. I'm not trying to make any money here, just trying to get rid of it.

If you have any questions just reply here or e-mail: [email protected]

Ask if want more pics. It is the same car in my link below, just with the 99 cobras on it and not the Y2K's.
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fordcobraguy said:
how many miles?
sorry, forgot to mention it

67000 miles
good lookin car. Wish i had the extra 2k to spend.
thanks man.

somebody make me an offer
I love the car. I'd trade you for my 1998 GT, or i'd sell my car for your Cobra. Probably not gunna happen though =(. How about a trade for your fiance though :D No i'm jk. Nice car man. I'm down in florida now and then too, shame.

:eek: Careful, she's now his wife!

I've known Bryan for a few years and I can attest to the car's quality. This is one of the cleanest cars anywhere. The paint is very nice, the power is all there, and the black leather interior is not only spotless, it's the softest leather you've ever sat in.

If you're in the market for an exceptionally clean Cobra that has pretty low miles, this is your car.

thanks Jeff! You get my vote on the nicest paint though! You can predict the forecast by the reflection off your roof. :)
bump again, until it sells!
ill offer 11.5k
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