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I just finished re wiring the lighting portion of my 85 notchback with an EZ Wiring 12 circuit kit.

All the lights work minus the small corner marker lights on the fender but my main issue is the turn signals and hazards.

When I use the Left turn signal, all the rear lights flash. When I use the right turn signal only both the driver and passenger turn signals blink.

I double checked my wiring at the column and dash and everything looks ok to me, I’m stumped to what is causing it.

I’m using a GM style headlight switch if that matters. I wrote up a quick reference to how I have the rear wired if anyone can help me with this.

Left signal on- driver parking/running light blinks, passenger running and brake light blink, driver and passenger turn signal blinks. Both front turn signals blink

Right turn signal on - driver and passenger turn signal only blinks. Both front signals blink

Hazards - both rear turn signals both running lights. Plus passenger brake light. Both front signals blink.

Brake light - only brake lights

Left front signal, left rear turn left signal indicator from new harness - connected to two LG-W in green plug on top of column

Right front signal, right rear signal, right signal indicAtor from new harness - connected to two W-LB wires from grey plug below column

At the rear of the car

Left rear turn YELLOW from new harness to G-O

Third brake light ORANGE from
New harness to driver park/brake R-LG to passenger R-LG park/brake

Right rear turn DARK GREEN from
New harness to O-LB passenger turn signal

Left tail park BROWN from
New harness to BR to driver tail light to BR to passenger tail light to license play light


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Default Re: EZ Wiring turn signal issue
I figured it out. I just had to look at a different schematic and I saw that the rear turn signals needed to be on a different circuit.

The circuit on the schematic I posted shows the wire I needed going to a bulb outage display.

The brake wires at the column were wires in to the LH STOP AND PARK circuit. All I had to do was remove the brake wires from that and everything is working like it should.
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