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Extreme make over !

Seems like it has been a little while since I posted on this site, always seem to be busy building Mustangs and other cars, plus training the next generation of craftsmen. So here a a few pictures of our Reversion Mustang some of you may have seen it already but others might enjoy seeing it and realize it was built by a 22 year old farm kid in Nebraska! not what you would expect!

Johnny Sparks (aka John Heermann) started working at our shop Jan 08 age 19 while attending collage for Ag business, after a few years he was performing some major restoration tasks, including custom sheetmetal fabrication on vintage Ferrari's and Alfa Romeo road race cars, and he loved the craft. Summer of 2011 Sparks overheard a conversation a friend and I had about the new Mustangs not quite hitting the mark as far as Retro style, So he jumped in with both feet and built his own version "REVERSION" taking a brand new 2011 GT and totally rework the body to reflect the style of the Mustang fastbacks from the sixties. It first debuted at SEMA 2011 in satin red and toured around the country, then for SEMA 2012 John revised it a little and painted it blue with gray accents.

A totally wild custom that looks stock! now that's different!

Keep an eye out for it and Sparks on Car Crazy TV.


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