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I have a 91 LX/5.0 and I believe the car's running R-I-C-H.

The car takes quite a while to warm up in the mornings & the vapor you see from the tailpipes (on cold mornings when the car is cold) never really goes away - Even after driving the car's been driven for about 30mins on the highway.

I'm also getting about 50miles per 1/2 tank of gas!

With the car cold, I changed the plugs and found them to be wet with gas.

I'm not even sure if the car's reaching its correct operating temperature.

If it's not and the computer continues to read a cold engine - could that be what's drowning my plugs and sucking the gas from my tank?

I'm guessing it's either the thermostat or coolant sensor? Is there an easy way to tell if it's one or the other?

I thought it may be something related to the intake (mass air not reading correctly) but the fact that the car takes forever to warm up tells me it's more in the area of the thermostat or coolant sensor...

Other than this, the car fires up without a problem, idles w/out a problem and runs fine. I'm also not seeing any type of smoke coming from the tailpipes. (blue or otherwise)

I don't have the money to just start replacing stuff and hope for the best, so I really need to nail this down as close as I can.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!
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