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i got an alternator with the terminals on the back.
i got a external voltage regulator.

when i bought the car. it had a bazillion wiring "difficulties" so to say. this was just one of the fine presents left for me to discover.

anyways. the only thing on the alternator that was hooked up was the wire that goes to the battery. and the ground. there was another three wires i belive that were hooked up to the alternator but not anything else. the regulator was just bolted up to the car. no harness or anything. i saw the wires and just took them off. the silver box i took out. the alternator only puts out 12.6 volts this way and theres my problem.

if anyone who reads this knows someone or has a alternator with an external regulator, can u please give me wire colors, what terminals they hook up to on the alternator, and what pins they hook up to on the regulator.

im just going to make my own harness, im broke, so thats why im not just going to go out and buy one, btw.

thanks for all your help,
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