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Being an authorized dealer for Erson Cams and PBM Performance Products, I am offering great deals on cams, rocker arms, pushrods, valve's, and spring.

OE style SBF Hyd Roller Cams $255 shipped (shelf and custom grinds)

Solid roller SBF $300 shipped (shelf and custom)

50mm and 60mm roller cams are available!

Stud mount Ext. duty roller rockers 1.6 ratio 3/8" or 7/16" $240 shipped

5/16" 1 piece .08" moly pushrods (specify length) $115 shipped

Many valve spring and retainer options. Moly steel or Titanium..

Roller lifters below are made by Morel, so the quality is second to none!

SBF street roller link bar Hyd roller lifters $290 shipped

SBF race roller link bar hyd roller "short travel" lifters.Only .02" of plunger travel and will be safe to run with 200# seat pressure/475# open pressure $450 shipped

SBF Race Roller link bar solid roller lifters $290 shipped
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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