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Leaving the name blank for now because I want to see how this will get resolved but it is not looking well.

I wanted to post up and see what the community thinks.

I buy an short block from this builder and bring him all of the rest of my new parts, they very kindly agree to buy what else is needed and assemble the complete engine intake to oil pan for a great price which was great.

Communication before and during the build was amazing!

I pickup the engine, bring it home, install and break in and after parking it the next day I notice an oil leak the size of a silver dollar. Now, if this was a back yard build and some no name place, no surprise, but this is a well known place and a 12k engine should not leak a drop. So I contact the builder, starting to see communication is not that good, getting crickets and when I do get a reply it is excuses on why they can't answer the phone. The gist of the back and forth was I had to find the leak. So I dyed the oil and after pulling the trans and bell I traced it to either the rear main or pan gasket. Now, mind you, one man show here, I am just one guy so this is not an easy job but hey it is what it is.

Contact engine builder. He says pull the engine and bring it to me I will fix it. Whoa, I have to rent a truck and pull the engine and bring it to you? Finally I get him to agree to come and fix it at my house as he lives about 1 hour away. This was very cool of him and much appreciated. So I pull the engine, put it on a stand and he does the work and says give it a couple days and you are good to go.

Okay great! Put the engine back in, trans and all and great, now I can enjoy my car and get it tuned.

During this whole time I was planning a move, so now I do not live 1 hour away but I am wayyyy down south, 22 hours away from him now. I move, get my cars shipped and l park the mustang in the garage.

Sure enough, look under the mustang ( maybe about 30 miles since he replaced the pan gasket and rear main and there is the same leak, potentially the same since I have not pulled the trans to dye it again but there is a silver dollar of oil under the car.

Reach out to engine builder again, same crappy communication and pretty much I am told again, find the leak, there is no way it can be leaking there again. Okay well I didn't change anything else, nothing was done to the car so common sense would tell me it is coming from the same place. Again, he tells me, find the leak. I ask okay so I have to pull the trans and engine again? What then? As far as I can tell I am [email protected] outta luck and pretty much being told to go pound sand. Because okay, let's say it is not the oil pan or rear main again, no matter what is leaking it was not from something I did because they assembled the whole engine minus the valve covers but I know for a FACT they are not leaking.
What would you do, just curious because this has been a dream to have an engine built like this and finally finish my car and now to have to deal with this has been a nightmare that I know most likely won't get resolved, especially since I am living 22 hours away now.

Has anyone else built the engine of their dreams, spent a ton of money to have this or worse happen, what happened?
So Woody built your short block, assembled the long block with parts you bought some where else, drove an hour each way to address a leak on a Saturday, didn’t charge for the “warranty” work. And you’re up in arms that he isn’t doing anything else since you haven’t found the leak?
1 - 3 of 236 Posts
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