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Electrical to Mechanical Speedo swap???

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I have a 92 foxbody. I see quite a few t-56 transmissions out of 03-04 cobras up for grabs but am not sure on how to convert the speedometer. Can anyone give any advice on how to swap the electronic speedo out to make it work with my mechanical one or any possible routes to go about making this work? Thanks!
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I just swapped a t56 into my 1992 fox and think I am going to buy an autometer speedometer that uses a GPS signal. I am running a standalone computer and no longer have the factory gauge cluster though...

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Also, here is an option if you want to retain your stock speedometer:
That is the only option to keep the stock speedometer in a fox with a non VSS trans. In 1999, everything went to OSS, 98 was the last year for VSS. Now, you can always install a Magnum or find an older aftermarket Mustang T-56 with a VSS provision.

Honestly, if I needed a stronger trans for a fox or 94/95 car I would get an Astro A5 and never look back. The prices you are seeing for the Cobra T-56s are probably in the $1500 range but you have to also factor in all the stuff to swap it into a fox, plus the cost of that $250 box to keep your stock speedo. Or a similar cost to put a good aftermarket speedo in.
oh wow, thanx alot guys! This is very helpful! Im going to do a lil research on this box and this may be the route i go!
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