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I know this is old but going to respond anyways. The T4M0 and any 94/95 ECU has data in/out on it. So if you want to datalog you absolutely can. Look up ForDiag, the guy who makes it is awesome. Yes he is overseas in the EU but his english is great and the hardware is awesome. I only use this product to datalog cars that I need to work on and get live data for all the sensors at once (like the old Snapon Tool) but this is at a reasonable price. I have an adapter board that goes between the ECU and Computer Harness to break out those pins into an OBD2 port. Again I use to troubleshoot customers cars, for you, you could run those pins into the connector near the ECU where the v6 would have originally ran it's OBD2 connections to the OBD2 connector under the dash, and move the pins to the correct location on your OBD2 port and there you go. I have this done on my personal cars.

Food for thought and FYI, in 2002-2005 I moved to EDIS/EEC-V on my 408W build. Data should be on this forum somewhere still.
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