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I always dreaded dropping the tank. I used a KB BAP instead of a larger intank. When I decided I needed a larger intank pump, I had someone else install my 255 lph pump.

Last night I began installing my Aeromotive fuel system with the sumped tank, so I had to drop mine.

Geez, it was a breeze! I don't know what I was scared of.

Here's the steps:
1. Drive the car until tank is empty
2. Disconnect negative terminal on battery
3. Relieve fuel system pressure
4. Put car up on jack stands.
5. Remove the obvious screws holding the filler neck on.
6. Put a floor jack and piece of wood under the tank and support it.
7. Remove the two straps holding the tank up.
8. Slowly lower the tank, disconnecting the filler neck, fuel lines, and wires as they appear on top of the tank as it lowers. I lowered it probably 6 inches and could then easily disconnect everything over the top of the tank.

You'll need some fuel line disconnect tools to remove the fuel lines (I got mine at Autozone).
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