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So I know its kind of a black sheep with people who road race/auto x, but car setups are very similar, and a lot of ideas can be shared. I always come in here to see what people are up to because sometimes it helps out with what I'm working on, and I know some people are into drifting. Figured maybe we could have a thread for drift here just in case some new guys are interested, or some more veteran users would like to check it out.

I've got a pretty aggressive drift build myself. Started as an autox/road course build.

MM2 shocks/struts
800#f springs
350#r springs
No swaybars
Custom Spindles
Team pony drift extended control arms
MM road race rear lowers
Stock uppers
MM 6 pt roll bar
MM Full length SFC
Cobra front brakes
Dual rear calipers
ASD Hydraulic Handbrake
Welded Diff
H/C/I 306
T5 with carbon syncros

You can catch me drifting at:
Englishtown/ Raceway Park, NJ
Thompson Speedway, CT
New Hampshire Motor Speedway, NH
Limerock Park, CT
Lebanon Valley, NY



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Welded diff!? since when? :/
Last summer. June/July. Was mid tandem and my clutch diff opened up inducing some crazy understeer and I almost crashed into the guy in front of me. Next day it got welded.
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