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Division X fuel hat return line

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Ok, I just ordered the budget return style fuel system for my GT this morning. I was wondering if the way the grey return pipe should be modified to point away from the fuel pump pickups to keep it from recycling and heating the same fuel? Seems like they would've done it already if it was a problem, but I just wanna make sure before I install it. I'm tired of dropping this damn tank. This will be the 4th time in about 2 months.
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If it's going to heat up the fuel that much, then after a long drive your whole gas tank is going to nice and toasty:angel:

Seriously though, I'm curious why the return route. I just have a stock fuel pump feeding mine.
Well I know it won't heat the whole tank up. What I'm wondering is since the return is right beside the pickups, I don't want the same fuel being recycled over and over and heating up. But I'm sure I'm just over thinking it. Ha

But the reason I'm going return style is because I bought a used Cobra hat, with pumps that are apparently weak and they couldn't keep up past 5800 rpm. So instead of spending money on a BAP or a set of new returnless pumps, and still having to worry about blowing FRPS or the FPDM going out, I'm just gonna do it once and do it right. Plus, it will be a ton easier to tune, which I have a tuner right now, but I plan on tuning myself in the future. Also, my fuel system will be good to 750 whp, more than I'll probably ever need.

So basically, just spending the money now and never having to worry about fuel again.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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