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I just replaced my monster 12" K&N cone with a Densecharger fenderwell CAI. They give you a larger K&N cone now, and they expect you to be installing it after removing the stock airbox, so the fit took a little cursing yelling and slamming, but it fits well.
I'm posting this because most fox 5.0s seem to have the MAC, BBK or Moroso CAI.
The install went better than expected but it helped to have a second set of hands to tighten the air filter to the tube while I held it in place. The new larger K&N cone fits the tube loosely so it won't stick until you tighten the clamp. The instructions tell you to "leave the tube from the airbox to the MAF" intact. I don't remember ever having this, since I tossed my airbox in the dumpster the same week I bought the car.
Densecharger has a thick rubber tube from the ABS plastic to the MAF, and I had to loosen it on the ABS side to wiggle and retighten the clamps so it would reach and fit nicely. The biggest PITA of the install is lining up the two pieces of ABS tubing so the screw holes match up so you can screw them together. A little lubricant on the ABS and it slides right on. Like I said, get a buddy to hold the filter in the fenderwell so you can tighten the clamp, and it's golden.
Other pain is the radiator hose makes drilling the coverplate holes difficult- I only drilled one, the left side, and it holds it on tightly enough for me.
If a lazy clumsy dolt like me can install this in 20 minutes with a drill and two screwdrivers, you can probably train your dog to do it in 5 minutes. If you have a socket screwdriver you'll get the air filter clamp tight in no time.
It doesn't look good like the chrome ones, it looks more stock, but the ABS pieces are quality, thick tubes. You'd need a sledge to crack it unless you put it in a vise. I like the look, and it keeps the filter relatively high in the fenderwell (just a little south of the stock airbox level) so you don't have to worry a lot about water getting in. And I hope it stays cleaner than my old cone, which got all skanky a week after I cleaned and re-oiled it.
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