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hey guys what's up,
new to this board, but everyone tells me that this is THE Mustang board...

has anyone had any experience with the roush 200 heads? i was thinking about getting those or twisted wedge..i've asked some other people and it's a split decision. i know that the roush heads i was looking at where cast iron and the TWS are aluminum. i know that the valve size on the 2 are the same and the chamers on them are about the same size i would it really be worth the extra $300 for the aluminum heads? my sister's boyfriend ran roush heads on his truck and they did great he tells me.

also, when i do the heads i'm gonna do the cam too..but i don't know what i should get. obviously i want the best cam i can get, but... here's my goals:
1. i would like to have 350ish hp (n/a) at the wheels (i don't see this as a problem),
2. a cam that's blower-friendly (i dont' see on getting a supercharger for at least another year though)
3. but i would also like to be able to stop at a light and turn on the AC without having the car stall or idle at 1300..

i was told to check into daul pattern cams but i'm not sure what would work well with the set up i want.

thanks for the help in advance...
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