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Well I'm in the process of installing my Vortech supercharger and went ahead and mounted the cxracing intercooler because I thought I would have to cut the bumper support which I've seen in a lot of peoples builds out there, but I didn't have to do that at all and in fact its a real flush fit between the headlight nose panel and the radiator. All I really did for anyone who was going to install this intercooler was unbolt the two bolts that secure the power steering lines, bring them out of the way and put the intercooler in from the bottom. I drilled a hole towards the top of the leftmost bracket to the steering line and rebolted it in the same spot. After that I just pushed the intercooler down on the brackets to bend them a bit to sit the intercooler a little further down. Simple job with no cutting, just thought I'd post if anyone was wandering about mounting the cxracing intercooler.
core size: 24x12x3
Overall size: 31x12x3
3" Inlet & Outlet, 3" Core
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