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Custom made 5-lug 1993 cobra rims

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We here at corral are a very community based mustang website. We have connections here that blow my mind. At any rate. It has come to my attention that we have the means to run a limited, maybe new line, of 1993 cobra rims that are 5-LUG!!!!!!

The requirements are the following:
1. We have to secure an order of 20 sets of rims, to make this first run. (I am not naming names as to who where etc., but it can and will be done. I have taken it upon myself, to poll the sales and to try to complete this group order.)
2. Please reply to this ad and in your post, number your self accordingly so that our member can see how many sets we have to go to get the ball rolling.
3. On a poll of 20 or more sets we will majority rule the dimensions to the winners.

Our limited run will resemble 93fiveoh's prototype rims.
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Wheels are here. Just have to get my list organized over the next few days.
Great news! Just let us know when you want us to call in to complete the order. We appreciate your time that you have contributed to getting these manufactured! There are not many suppliers that would work with a "small" group of enthusiasts to get such a small production run pushed through.

Thanks! :salute:
Mine are on the way! Now, I just need a Cobra to put them on!
are they marked on the box l&r? i have only opened 1 box. i guess i should open and inspect them.
Look at the last digit on the p/ will be an "R" and one will be an "L". Obviously, you need two of each.

Jeff quickly resolved my situation as I'm sure he will everyone else.

41 - 46 of 1555 Posts
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