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Custom made 5-lug 1993 cobra rims

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We here at corral are a very community based mustang website. We have connections here that blow my mind. At any rate. It has come to my attention that we have the means to run a limited, maybe new line, of 1993 cobra rims that are 5-LUG!!!!!!

The requirements are the following:
1. We have to secure an order of 20 sets of rims, to make this first run. (I am not naming names as to who where etc., but it can and will be done. I have taken it upon myself, to poll the sales and to try to complete this group order.)
2. Please reply to this ad and in your post, number your self accordingly so that our member can see how many sets we have to go to get the ball rolling.
3. On a poll of 20 or more sets we will majority rule the dimensions to the winners.

Our limited run will resemble 93fiveoh's prototype rims.
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Where are the other cars with the wheels from the first group? I can't be the only one who's got them installed, can I? Post them up!

LOL...I bought the rims and most of the conversion parts and have now got the idea of mortgaging a Viper SRT-10 Coupe and selling the Cobra. So, until this idea passes, I'm keeping them in the boxes.
I once had a similar thought about a mint four year old '96 Viper coupe, blue with white stripes. Then I beat that very car at Firebird, 11.71 to his 11.81, and the thoughts vanished. I drove one and liked the extreme torque, but lets just say the soundtrack didn't live up to the movie - I couldn't get past the agricultural exhaust note blatted out by the V10. They are also wicked expensive to mod, and check the insurance; there was a significant difference.


Thanks for the post...the Viper desires have passed. I ordered the rest of the rear conversion parts along with gears and will post pics soon. For now, I will use SN95 axles and will then switch to FOX to run FR500's (too).
Good. Maybe some of you guys from the second round will actually post pics of your cars with the wheels on. Here's mine at a boring Mustang show.

LOL...I know, there were not many pictures of these on cars. I put mine on for a short time and then went with a set of Saleen replicas for the track. :idunno:

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Let's get this thing going again!!! I might be getting another '93 so I would need another 6 rims. Got to be more people out there that want some.
I changed the order to Silver. A little slow this time of year at the factory due to Chinese New Year being the 15th of Feb. Most workers take off a couple weeks.
Did the order go out already? I'd like to get a set and a half but have been procrastinating. I don't exactly have a Cobra anymore...just optimistic that I'll get another one soon and I have to have a set of these for it!

Here is a pic of the wheels I got the last time. Why did I ever sell that Cobra?? :blam:

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I'm going to get two sets...I'll fax the form tomorrow and let you know.
Faxed my order form for two sets I just need two Cobras! lol
I need a little info on fitment compared to what I have. I currently have a 89 gt with cobra R brakes sn95 spindles,axles etc. and 99 cobra wheels 245s up frount and 275s out back. From what I've gathered the wheels will be wider to the outside .5" correct? I ask because the fronts now are real close to the fender and the rear rubs but I know I can change to fox axles to correct the rear but I don't want the front to go out any further.
I ran a set from the first batch on my '93 with SN95 axles out of a '97 Cobra and liked the look. I had 245/45/17's on them & No issues at all. I preferred this look over the FOX length axles. :salute:

On the front, it is best to run the '94-'95 spindles.
How soon do you expect these rims to ship once the order is put in?
Here is what happened last time.
Ordered: 12-13-2007
Arrived: 4-24-2008

The Chinese New Year fell in between there and we also had to deal with huge amounts of orders from other manufacturers.

Hopefully it will go quick! :joy:
I have tried the link with no luck. It looks like it might have been taken down? Really hope I have not missed my opprotunity for these wheels. Any help would be appreciated.

sent form.....
this have been going on for almost 3 years and still no product? WTF?
Yes, the wait for the 2nd batch has taken 3 years to get the required number of people lined up to fulfill the min. order. If I recall, it took about a year to get the first batch from start to finish. Now is the time to get in if you think that you may want a set. If there were to ever be a third batch made, it would likely take longer. I am buying two sets....and don't even have a Cobra! :)
your a smart man!!:)
Well thank you! Like they say...takes one to know one! :)

+1 on the lip. I'd rather have the stock look without the polished lip. :salute:
The sample lip was machined, the production will not.
Great news! Thanks for the quick update!

I think that you missed it....instead of months and will most likely be years and years for the third set.
Our batch was finished prior to the holiday overseas, we were waiting for the chrome to come back on the 4 lug portion.
Thanks for the update Jeffo! When do you want us to call in for payments and updated CC information?
Looking for the guy in Peoria, IL who had the stock cobra 4 lug axles that pm'd me awhile back. I deleted all my pm's and lost your info. Hit me up please!
Has the boat docked yet? :) I'm really not in a hurry...still need a Cobra to put these on....just wondering.
Awesome! Got mine today! Thanks!

They fit great!

............................APRIL FOOLS!!................................
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