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Custom made 5-lug 1993 cobra rims

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We here at corral are a very community based mustang website. We have connections here that blow my mind. At any rate. It has come to my attention that we have the means to run a limited, maybe new line, of 1993 cobra rims that are 5-LUG!!!!!!

The requirements are the following:
1. We have to secure an order of 20 sets of rims, to make this first run. (I am not naming names as to who where etc., but it can and will be done. I have taken it upon myself, to poll the sales and to try to complete this group order.)
2. Please reply to this ad and in your post, number your self accordingly so that our member can see how many sets we have to go to get the ball rolling.
3. On a poll of 20 or more sets we will majority rule the dimensions to the winners.

Our limited run will resemble 93fiveoh's prototype rims.
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The silver is scheduled for production.

I will check on it and send the sign offs shortly.
Must - Have - Wheels

Looking at car -
Needs Cobra wheels -
Fake R tribars loosing appeal -
Must - Have - Wheels -
Calling China, calling China.........
Are these Still available?

I just purchased at 93 Cobra and hope to upgrade my brakes but have fallen in love with the stock rims. Are these 5 - lugs still available? If so, please e-mail me what it will take to get in on the offer? adam.n.long(at)gmail(dot)com.

Can I get in on this? which size fits the real 93 cobra?
You can get STREETFIGHTER50's set as he is looking for someone to take his place. Send him a PM.
so has an eta been set

I am still trying to find out if the wheels are shipping prior to Chinese New Year.

I will let everyone know as soon as I see them casted.
That would be great if they make it out of the port before the Chinese New Year. If not that will cause a 2 week delay.
I am still trying to find out if the wheels are shipping prior to Chinese New Year.

I will let everyone know as soon as I see them casted.
Thanks for the update. Any idea on pricing? Also, were you going to send out order forms and take deposits?

Chinese New Year starts on Friday (Feb 1st). Any news?
Chinese New Year starts on Friday (Feb 1st). Any news?
Yeah...and it is "Year of the Rimz" :king:
Since there is no news, I guess we have to plan on a worse case scenario. Meaning that if the wheels didn't leave port already, then they will not ship until after the Chinese New Year which ends on Feb 11th. And even then, with customs being swamped it will probably won't be until the end of that week if not the next. Then 4 weeks on the ocean and I assume that the finish is being applied here in the US. If we are lucky I would think the end of March, beginning of April. 8^(

I am trying to get a status from the Factory.

They do run on a bare bones staff over the Holiday. We have to make sure they are casted and finished, and on top of that at least 600 other wheels are finished to put on a container.
Hey jsut catchin this one, but has anoy one shown interest in a set with the SVO offset? I would be interested, also for this would hte wheels need to be cast differently or just have the mounting surface machined a little more?

Did you ever receive any status from the factory. The Chinese New Year ended on Monday, Feb 11th. Most places have returned to work but I know some places extended the holiday due to the issues with the weather and traveling inside of China.

I am waiting on the factory to check production, I hopefully should have something on the status soon.

Jeffo, what is going on with the wheels? Did they make them, accept the order, deny the order, tell us something.

According to the schedule we now have 57 left and 57 right in process of casting. I will let everyone know when I see more movement, typically I get a weekly update via the factory.

Thanks for the update. Based on this info can you provide us an preliminary date as to when we can expect delivery or some sort of time line (ie: Completion of molding, finishing of wheels, shipping to the USA, etc)?
321 - 340 of 1555 Posts
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