Trim:GT Coupe Deluxe
These are custom fit CalTrend neoprene seat covers that I had gotten for my 2011 Mustang. These are front and rear seat covers. I'm selling these because I ordered the wrong ones. My front seats have airbags in them but these are not designed for the front seats with the integrated airbags.

I did order the correct ones for my Mustang and have been using them for 5 years. I like them and they are holding up well.

So these fit 2011 seats with a separate headrest and WITHOUT the integrated airbags. They fit the rear bench seats that fold down and have the foldable headrests.

I don't know if these will fit seats from the other years of the same generation such as 2010 Mustangs.

These are sealed in the box and have never been opened.

For anywhere in the lower 48 I don't think shipping will cost more than $63. Most places it should be less than $50 I think.

Brian Jones
[email protected]