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-SHM( Sean Hyland Motorsports) L/R kit motor mount adaptors for Coyote swap into Fox using STOCK K-member and your choice of 96-04 motor mounts- $99US shipped(lower 48/Can)- Paypal.**Also have copies of autocad templates to clearance STOCK Fox K-member for Coyote swap into Fox using STOCK Coyote manifolds with rewelded ball-socket flanges.($50 US extra).

-Heater core bypass kit to run Coyote 5.0L WITHOUT a heater; includes removable 5/16" ID restrictor and stainless tube-$39US shipped(lower 48/Can)- Paypal.

-NOS Ford 2-piece front swaybar brackets(longer than Fox Mustang); to run Coyote 5.0L or 351W swapped into Fox Mustang for increased oil pan clearance-$69US shipped per pair(lower 48/Can)- Paypal.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts