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mode101*96gt said:
I inspected the whole motor when it was apart and the engine looked as if it came off the assembly line 2 weeks ago. No signs of fatigue or stress anywhere (thats what happens you when you change your oil with Royal Purple every 1000 miles). As far as my cooling problem is concerend it is fixed. I decided to have the system flushed, b/c i feared that i put to much air in the system on refill. Once the car reached the stat temp (195 deg.) for ten seconds all it did was blow steam out the system. After it pushed it out the coolent started to flow and the car went from 215 down to 180. I drove the car around for awhile and it stayed cooooool the whole time. So problem solved (TOO MUCH AIR IN SYSTEM).......
I'm having the same problems you have been decribing.... how exactly did you go about flushing the system and getting the air out? I've done it many times but want to ensure I'm not doing something stupid.... :)

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