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Question about the cooling system on my 5.0.....I have a 197* therm. electric fan, 3core rad. cobra water pump pulley, ASP crank U/D (street) pulley.

Now my question is, the car runs right in the center of the temp gague (stock) is this normal? it dosent use the fan that often, but I have a switch for the fan to have it run when ever I want, if I leave the fan running all the time, it dosent seem to run any cooler? mabye just a touch cooler? is this normal?

Also...I went to burp the system because I have read in many post here that this is a must do! so I did the yest. I ran the car with the rad cap off because I was going to let it ove flow, but it never did??? why? please help here is this normal? the car ran for about 30 min with the cap off, I could see the coolant moving around in there but it never spilled out, and yes, the rad was full, right to the neck where the rad. cap goes. I am sure the thermostst was opening and closing because I could see the coolant moving around in there every once in a while, then the fan would kick on for about 3 min. does this sound right ? I am sorry for my very very long post! this is the 1st time I have done a cooling system and am trying to figure out if this is right or wrong? Thankyou for taking the time to read my book of a post, and thanks in advance for any and all responses!!!!
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