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(Parting Out) Complete Bennett Racing 348 Minus Block

*Edit* I've added prices below for all parts that I'm willing to sell separate. I will sell the Rockers and Stud Girdles separate from the heads if the Rockers and Girdles sell first due to them being head specific.

For Sale: Complete Bennett Racing 348 minus block. Rotating assembly is balanced to zero, and the actual cubic inches are 347.45 but it’s what Bennett calls his 348. The whole engine had just been gone through and freshened up by Pete Harrell at Harrell Engine & Dyno before I decided to go another route, and built another engine using only the block, head studs, oil pump, oil pump shaft, oil pan and balancer from my Bennett engine, so those parts are not included. This motor is setup for boost and made 843 rwhp with a 78 mm T-4 flange turbo through an AOD, and ran 8.93 @ 153 in the quarter in a 3300lb car. The T-4 turbo was the limiting factor due to backpressure, and Bennett said that it would hold another 200 hp safely. This engine had about 1000 street miles and 25 - 1/8 mile passes and 10 - 1/4 mile passes.

Below is a complete of parts included with the sale. Asking $3950.00 plus shipping for everything:

Feel free to ask any questions, [email protected]

Thank you for looking,

(Seven One Three) 248-4985

Heads, Guide Plates, Rockers, Stud Girdles and Poly Locks: $1800
Bennett Stage 3 CNC ported Trick Flow TW heads – These heads are ported to a Fel-Pro 1262 intake and 1415 exhaust gasket. I don’t have flow numbers on these specific heads, but Bennett says they typically flow around 305 intake 212 exhaust at .600 lift

Harland Sharp – SBF Twisted Wedge 1.7 ratio 7/16 rocker arms and stud girdles

Cam: $200
Comp Cams – Bennett custom hydraulic roller camshaft machined for double pin/with ARP cam bolt (see pics for cam card)

Lifters: $250
Ford Motorsports – Link bar tappet hydraulic roller lifters

Pushrods: $50
Comp Cams – HD 6.650 Pushrods

Timing Cover: SOLD

Water Pump: SOLD

Bennett Racing- Polished Bennett Racing valve covers with AN fittings welded in for vacuum pump.

Rotating Assembly (Crank, Rods, Pistons and Rings): $1500
Scat – 3.250 stroke forged crankshaft (zero balance)

Scat – 5.40 H beam connecting rods with ARP Bolts

CP – Custom CP pistons 4.125 bore

Total Seal - New piston rings

Intake: $275 (Original cost $850 due to EFI conversion and port. since converted this intake will accept factory style fuel rails)
Edelbrock – 302 Victor JR converted to EFI and port matched to heads by Bennett

The only things I haven’t put my hands on yet are the Camshaft gear and AMP billet timing chain, but I have a couple places to still look. If I find these they will be included in the sale as well.

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