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Here is my input as we have similar cars.
I now have the Pro-Kit, but I am changing this Thursday for the H&R SuperSports. Pro-Kits are great and handle nicely, but I decided that I wanted more drop to suit my taste. Car has settled .5" after the install, and is down the advertised 1.5".
It all depends on the drop you are looking for. DO not buy a 1.5 and expect a 2.0" drop. Most are fairly accurate as long as they are installed on the correct vehicle.

For example, a Bullit kit on a 99+ vert will drop roughly 1.5" and not the 1" drop they advertise.

I always suggest going with a name you can count on:
My list of respected names in order:
1) H&R
2) Eibach
3) Steeda
4) Saleen (Actually Eibach)
5) Roush (Actually Sprint or so MuscleMustangs suggests)

IMHO, stay away from MAC, Intrax, Suspension Techniques (sp?), or other cheap brands. I also have some issues with the FRPP "C" springs as they sag and loosen up big time...yet there are many satisfied "C" cars on the board here, so to each his/her own.

Finally, do not jump, but actually do the research to get exactly what you want. I did the research, and I am still going to fork out the $$ to change to the H&R.

Also, I highly reccommend you invest in shocks, struts and plates. Springs are just the beginning to a suspension upgrade, and are in no way the end.

Best of luck.
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