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Nope, Your 2000 GT has a 10.5 inch clutch which is plenty.
However, you do have the option of switching to an 8 Bolt Aluminum Flywheel which will accept both 10.5 and 11 inch clutches. I would say a 10.5 is fine and works very well with street and strip applications.

If you do ever get a different flywheel make sure you order an 8 Bolt flywheel since you have an 8 bolt crank in your 2000 GT which is unique on the 99 and 2000 GT's with Windsor Motors.
All the other GT only have a 6 Bolt Crank.

If you are looking for clutches. I would suggest the Spec Stage II type clutch. Great clutch for the price.

I have a Blueprinted King Cobra Pressure Plate with a McLeod Dual Performance Friction Disk. This combo was recommended to me and so far it's been working out pretty well. But it was still a bit pricey. Next time I will probably go with the Spec Stage II clutch...

Tom in Indy...
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