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I started this thread a while back and I never finished what I had to say. I needed to cool down a bit. I'm not sure if this is the correct sub forum to post this in so feel free to move it. Thank you.

I purchased a 347 short block from CHP. It vibrated from the start. Upon disassembly at 500 miles by a professional mechanic; various issues were found. The rotating assembly was off a total of 64ozs causing the imbalance and bad vibrations. It then came to light in the past few weeks that my harmonic balancer, flywheel and pressure plate I sent to CHP, was never used in the balancing process. The owner did admit this after months of going back and forth. Metal debris was found between the main bearings and caps. Main bearings were gouged and ruined. The thrust bearing was worn on one side as if it were never squared. The front cam bearing was gouged as if a tool had slid across it. Tobi at CHP stated that camshafts are sharp. That was his explanation for a bearing that should have been replaced. The mains had never been align honed and two caps were tapered. I was told by CHP that they only align hone an engine if it needs it. The bores were tapered upon inspection by my machinist as well. Maybe this explains the terrible oil consumption that the engine suffered from. It was also discovered that one of the head gaskets may have leaked and that is on me. I didn't check the head surface for trueness before installing. It was later discovered that my new AFR head gasket surface was .005"-.01" from true. The heads are now resurfaced. CHP consistantly brings up that the leaky head gasket could have bent rods and such. Very true but what does that have to do with their bad machining and balancing? I didn't complain to CHP that the head gasket leaked. I complained about the bad vibrations, machining and balancing. CHP attempts to railroad the facts at every turn.
Also; my new harmonic balancer rubbed the bottom bolt boss on the water pump. The rubbing between balancer and water pump is common place with aftermarket parts and some paint from the water pump transferred to the balancer. Google this rubbing and you'll be rewarded with many posts/threads discussing it. I was told by CHP that the slight rub damaged the balancer thus causing the vibration. The balancer is fine and being used on my newly rebuilt 347. I received the balancer rubbing excuse repeatedly until the Martin of CHP admitted that they had messed up the engine balance. That balancer rubbing was my bad but did not cause any damage to the engine. I also had an issue with two freeze plugs blowing. My mechanic did a cooling system pressure test as well as the blue die test to see if any combustion gasses entered the coolant. He found nothing. I'm still baffled why the tests showed nothing but I do believe the head gasket seeped as I never had to add coolant.

CHP offered to have me haul the engine from Phoenix to California so they could put it on an engine dyno. I would leave the engine there and drive back home. I would then drive back to California after the engine was repaired, pick it up and drive back home. Being such a long haul; I would have the expense of a hotel room during both trips along with fuel and meals. The other choice given to me by CHP was to strap the engine to a pallet and have a truck haul it there and back at my expense. Nearly $500.00 each way. My thought process is two fold. If CHP couldn't build the engine correct the first time; do I trust them to do it correctly the second time. I also considered the cost of the two options given to me by CHP. Ship it or drive it there....Both are not cheap alternatives. I was originally given the two alternatives by the employee who sold me the short block. I have all emails where I was asked to ship or haul the engine at my expense. I decided my money was best spent having a local and unbiased party re-machine the block and balance the rotating assembly. I was eventually contacted by Martin from CHP who argued and denied the whole mess even though I presented facts and photo documentation. I received a very condescending attitude. It was as if their employees could do no wrong. After months of email correspondence; CHP admitted partial fault and asked what I wanted. I asked for $1000.00 to cover the re-machining and balancing of the block/rotating assembly. This didn't begin to cover the [email protected] of the engine nor any other expenses that I paid out. At this point I was unaware that I was speaking to the "Boss" at CHP. The boss attempted to lowball me stating that they only charge $80.00 for a balance job to anyone who walks into the shop. I challenge anyone to find a shop that charges so little for a balance job that can take hours to do. At this point I was going back and forth with CHP on a fair settlement. The boss (Martin) then stated that their company's return policy differed from what I was told by Tobi and that I should have known this. So at this point; I'm suppose to know that an employee/salesman from CHP misquoted the correct return policy and that supposedly; I could have shipped the engine to CHP at no cost to me. The customer service staff is there to assist me; the customer. If you tell me that shipping or hauling the engine to CHP and back is going to cost me; I believe you. Who would know the policies better than the salesman?

I also provided the contact info of my local machinist to Martin at CHP. Martin refused to call the machinist to collect info on bore, crank and mains. I'm not a machinist and I sometimes could not explain how measurements were taken and what certain measurement values were. Martin had the chance but instead chose to insult my machinist on several occasions. I offered to have Martin or one of his reps inspect the block and it's parts at my machinist. Again; he ignored the opportunity.

CHP also enjoys railroading the actual issues by bringing up the fact that I called Tobi at CHP for advice on some elementary things. Now I've built a few engines in my 55 years but by no means am I a pro. I've asked plenty of questions here as well. CHP has chose to take those questions and spin them around to show that I didn't know what I was doing. What CHP doesn't tell you is that the engine was assembled by an ASE certified mechanic who is a award winning hot rod builder who has even been featured in magazine articles. I'm bragging but he is a very humble guy. I'm just curious by nature and bent Tobi's ear to satisfy my curiosity. Tobi was great to me up until the engine came apart and I sent photos of bad machining, metal debris from assembly, toasted bearings, pics of measurements being taken, etc....I took a bunch of pics that are undeniable evidence. I've saved every email and they often prove that CHP customer service are far from truthful. Tobi also attempted to railroad the issues in the beginning by stating that CHP/CPR did not build me a long block so they are off the hook if metal found it's way to the main bearings during head and intake install. I always get this defensive attitude from Tobi and Martin. If I exposed the engine to metal debris; how did metal debris get sandwiched between the main bearings and caps? That can only happen during assembly of the small block.

CHP/CPR also enjoy bragging how they build trophy truck engines and such and there is no way that their guys screwed up. I heard this over and over and in the end Martin from CHP/CPR admitted fault with the balance job and issues with the mains. He never apologized and I guess that really bothers me as I think it should.

I'm sorry that I've taken up the bandwidth but I've had enough of CHP/CPR's non-existent customer service. For those who may think I'm biased and such....I'm a repeat customer. I have another CHP 347 with the 5.315 rods and originally had the old Probe SRS 10666-030 pistons. I was very happy with that engine and it was just rebuilt to go into my son's car.

In the end; Martin offered me $707.00. I asked for $1000.00. Martin and I went back and forth via email for a couple of weeks. Martin's attitude pushed me to the point of considering a legal avenue and I told him so. His offer of $707.00 was pulled and here we are. Am I pig headed for not accepting Martin's offer after months of receiving the worst customer service ever? You betcha! It is the principle of the matter.

You are all free to judge me as you please, but I know in my heart that I have typed the honest truth here. I still have all of the photos, emails and damaged parts.

Buyer Beware folks. People deserve to know who provides great customer service and who doesn't. Somehow these companies get away with it. I'm so thankful that I sent the engine to a local party who is unbiased. To this day; my machinist does not know who built the short block originally nor did he ask. He did get a chuckle out of Martin's insults though.
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No engine builder I've ever known will warranty work unless the engine comes back to them.

Nor should they. It was nice of him to offer the $707.00.

I wouldn't have.
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Isn't this the second time you have told this story?

May be confusion this with another story I read here recently. Very similar story though. OP didn't want to name names in that one.
It's the same one. I know who the guy is, who the local shop is, and who built the motor. I still owned CHP when the first one was built.

I'll allow for messing up a balance job, that can happen to anyone, but I know the shop and the personnel far too well to take the rest of it on faith. And I never take the word of another shop, unless I know them very well. 99% of the "problems" they find are the result of "it wasn't built here." CHP's engine builder is not a fancy guy. He's rock solid, seldom lifts his head above his work, and builds every motor in exactly the same sequence. His comeback rate, over the course of 10 years, was less than 1%. There was no metal in the mains when it left their shop.

Anyone that guarantees a short block beyond basic workmanship and materials is insane.
Why is the guy that built the short block responsible for the damper rubbing on the water pump?
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Long distance relationships are difficult.
We know.......

But we still love you......:x
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Were you there? Did you inspect my rotating assembly? How does metal debris get sandwiched between the main caps and back of main bearings? Of course you would defend a company you once owned but you are now in AZ and not at CHP.
Of course I didn't inspect it,. Neither did CHP....and that's the point.

The instant you let someone else crack it open you lost your leg to stand on.
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All that being said, a reputable shop recognizes the mistake and makes it GOOD..........
Therre are exactly five stories in a divorce. Hers, her lawyer's, his, his lawyer's.......and the truth.

All that being said, and all.
Listening to this new owner talk about integrity as if his life depends and runs by it... I thought maybe I could at least get my own parts back maybe ha. Cant hurt to ask!

Car is still running amazing with the stock motor and all the parts they blamed it on. I also took it to a local dyno (the dyno/tuner CHP/CPR recommended to just run it and see how things are looking (compared to what my dyno and tuner said). He confirmed it was a very safe tune, fuel pressure/AFR etc.. was perfect. CHP/CPR is pivoting into making paper weights or short block coffee tables.
Who was the tuner? I know Swanson is gone and Steve is too far to least for me. Actually Swanson's dyno is in storage somewhere here in Phoenix.

And what new owner. Martin has been the only owner since far as I know.
Look at those eyes and tell me what you think.


Yep what he said ha. I was just hoping to get my parts back ha. New owner, same story/show.

My dyno tune on the car is from Bruce Tucker, JBA Racing in SD.
The local dyno I went to was the steve you mentioned I believe (hes not a social media/online person). He just ran the car on the dyno to datalog he didnt tune it at all.
That's a drive.
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You old codgers ruin every thread by bringing political s*** into it.
I had no idea crazy eyes were political. I bing'd "crazy eyes" and there she was. And I said nothing political....

As my grandson says: " I right?"
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Wasn't talking to you and won't play the "pretending to be stupid" game.
I've got ain't playing.
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And searched way way down in the results for the image you were looking for (which isn't a surprise based on my 20 years of reading your posts.) You're so transparent.

It was in the first line.

You're a bright do know they don't come up in the same order every time? So, why are you making this thread political?

Tell you what. Instead of proving you're a jerk, why don't you click on my name, then click on ignore. Then neither of us will have to deal with your childishness.
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Did it 30 times, came up the same every time? I dunno, but you've been posting here and HC50 for a long time, it's not as if you're not a known quantity.
Yes...what search engine did you use....and you've yet to tell us what I said that was political.

Poor triggered snowflake. HC50 isn't there any more and I haven't posted on it for at least 10 years.

I am indeed a known quantity, as are you. I'll keep my reputation, you keep yours.

As to the "30 times"...nonsense. You have no idea what engine I used, nor the search terms. For that matter, I don't remember either. It wasn't that important to me. I on the other hand, know you are full of crap. My saying that you don't play, incidentally, meant that you don't play at being stupid. You've got it wired.

But you liked it because you aren't quick enough to get it.

Now...get back out on the streets of Portland where you belong.
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Tedious crap with no purpose.

All you will accomplish is getting the thread locked. Troll.
Well this is an interesting post that's actually on topic. why do I get a weird feeling that somebody is trying to distract from this post?
And you immediately take it back off topic.

Toby is my it must be you.

So Troll....who be mindin' yo bridge?
Wow, this is all incredibly disappointing to read. I've been hemming and hawing over what engine combo I wanted to pick for a couple years now, and had settled on CHP given their reputation and knowledge of making power while staying smog legal.

The first blow was learning they no longer build Ford blocks, so my cost immediately shot up by $2K. Now reading all of this (especially the posts from Tobias who I interacted with via email) does not give me confidence and now I'll need to reassess my plans :(
You can be confident that you should not get your build from CHP. That's something.

Incidentally, they cannot do a CARB legal build. I gave the CARB stickers to Toby. Toby still has them.
I'm in San Diego, so I'm all ears. JBA and Total Performance are the only games in town I'm already familiar with.
I've lost track of JBA, but the Total Performance guys are pretty cool.
This has been interesting. You've essentially triggered yourself and tried to lay blame on me. I was hoping you'd stop this because you seem to be flailing badly. Name-calling is a sign you've lost the argument.
Yer a funny dude. Or droll...I get them confused.

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Yer a funny dude. Or droll...I get them confused.

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But...declare victory, and move on. I'm good with your delusions.
Like shooting fish in a barrel.
You have some interesting fantasies. You ain't nothing but a side show....that can't shut up.

Your mangina itch?
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