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Check out my 306 dyno results and new pics

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Check out my N/A 306 dyno results and new pics

Car got dyno'd at 356rwhp and 320rwtrq. Check out my new (as of last night) webpage for the graph printout. :joy:
Much thanks and hats off to Ford Performance Solutions for the sweet combo!!!!!:D
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linkie no workie

congrats on the sweet numbers though:joy:
Thanks for the heads up on the link. It's been changed.
Those are awesome numbers. Put some longtubes on it and hopefully you'll get a whole bunch of mid-range torque back. It does look kind of soft on the bottom, but you can't argue with that top end.

Even revving it a little highter may yield even more power. I noticed you stopped right at 6250, is that do to the factory rev limiter?


The reason for taking it up to 6250 is because the cam is a hydraulic roller and the peak hp started to die after that. I've got the MSD 6AL rev limiter set to 7000rpm. I agree that the bottom and midrange could be better but I guess it's a sacrifice for the top end. I've thought about going with long tubes and even swapping the cam if I can find the one to produce the same horsepower with more torque.
Kevin, congrats on the car getting done! I checked out your webpage, and it's real neat man. Great job on that. Yea, you're a cam swap and some longtube headers away from a whole lot more power. You definitely got me covered and then some.

I don't know about having you covered Christian, I've checked out your videos. We need to get together and go to Sears Point. I'm thinking about going out there tomorrow for Wed night drags. Let me know if you can make it...I still want to see that clean a*** car of yours!! By the way, what are Zack's dyno numbers, it looks like he's really pullin'!!!!!!

By the way, thanks for the compliments
Those are beautiful numbers for the 306, the TQ numbers will come up across the board with the long tubes.

That cam is a "low lift" cam for now-days.

Run a nice hydraulic with .550" or so lift and you should pick up, yours is a candidate to try the 1.7 intake rocker, if you pick up with no penalty then the intake duration comes up on the cam or the exhaust duration goes down.
Awesome numbers, and an awesome looking car! Do you know what your heads flowed by any chance? Were they just cleaned up? Do you know whare your timing and jetting is at?
A peak hp at 6000rpm+ and peak torque around 5500 is pretty limiting with a hyd roller without special care to the components. The motor has less than 300 ftlbs as high as 4000 rpm.

you could definitly boost lower end and probably have a significant quicker ET and it would probably carry thru and pick up hp too.

buddy Rawls
buddy rawls said:
The motor has less than 300 ftlbs as high as 4000 rpm.

Buddy Rawls


I noticed the same thing..... not much umph...
Hope ya got a LOT of gear in the rear....

Ed/Buddy, it sounds like he just needs one of your cams...
LX Pony

the primary jets are 72 and the secondaries 84, with timing set at 12' / 36'. I'll post the flow numbers on my website tonight.

What would you recommend cam wise in order to get my car to perform better. If you need insight to my combo, I've got it pretty well detailed on my webpage. If you visit there and can't find what you need, please let me know and I'll get back to 'ya asap. Thanks for any and all insight!!
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