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Hello everyone,
I currently have a 2000 GT 4.8L that I just supercharged. Car has been idling and running fine before the supercharger, and including now (as of right now I'm datalogging, no full pulls, staying out of boost).
Today, my tuner came to make some adjustments and I started the car and began warming it up. It died on its own. I tried to start it but it continuously cranked and I no longer could hear my loud upgraded fuel pump kick on. I also noticed, dash ( - - - - - ) marks on my instrument cluster where my mileage would be. During this time, OBD2 port was in operable.

My car does not have factory anti security - the theft light does not engage (has never before nor does it now) so I believe the PATS syndrome is out of the equation.

I began checking all fuses/relays that I could access in the engine bay, and foot panel compartment.
Within the foot panel compartment, Fuse #2, #8, and #35 (fuse 2 and 8 per manual state Engine Controls, 35 PCM and a few other things not related to engine running - I'm away from the car and manual right now but I do remember PCM) - those fuses showed ZERO voltage on both supply and load side with key on/off.

Then, I decided to check the inertia switch in the trunk. It was not "activated", but I decided to unbolt it, and check for voltage. NONE.

I believe the CCRM gives voltage to the inertia switch? and controls a bunch of other functions yes? A post by wmburns said no CCRM, no PCM on a post I found on another forum. If that's true it would make sense why fuse 35 aint seeing anything..

Anywho, I plugged the inertia switch back in and I heard a buzz! I went back into the car and noticed my mileage is now being show, and the car starts with ease.

Could this be a sign of a bad CCRM or Inertia switch?

Also, I took voltage readings as the car was running (when it started back up). Fuse 2, and 8 had voltage, yet 35 did not.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
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