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over the past few months my car when at first start and sometimes if idling I get the smell of fuel....ok the car is running rich, you can see the carbon on the pipse and when I get on it, you see the carbon come out of the pipes...
Today I decided to give her a tune up, bought a tune up kit from Downs ford (plugs, wires, cap, rotor and fuel filter) and said what the hell lets change the 02 sensors as well (I personally have never changed them) and with 157k on the clock I think the origanals would be shot...
I get the car up on ramps, spray som PB wrench to break the rust loose take them out and the are black with carbon..DAMN! I think, well this explains the rich condition..
Then I move on to the plugs, plug #1, pull it out and to my surprise it's white, not an off white, but OH CRAP I JUST SAW A GHOST WHITE! confused I start to pull the rest of them..well..they're ALL WHITE! :confused: :confused:
question is, how can they show a lean condition but yet the car dumps fuel? I don't get it...I've never seen this before on any mustang I have worked on including my own until now..

and another thing..if the fuel filter was in wrong, would I still get fuel to the motor? I have always put them back in the way they come out (the flow arrow facing the pass side of the car) and have never had a problem..

I have everyone scratching thier heads with this one including myself, so any help is welcome..

it's an 87gt (no maf) tming set to 14deg the last time I checked it, it doesn't ping or knock or detonate.

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